Black Boar Cheshire

Our newest chapter was started in 2012 in Cheshire.  The Chapter is run as an affiliate of the School under its own committee lead by Jenny Garside and Dave Banks.  Sessions take place on wednesday evenings, with full day workshops every couple of months.

The Cheshire Chapter is currently primarily studying Military Sabre.

The Military Sabre of the 19th Century was a fearsome weapon of war in the hands of trained cavalryman from Waterloo to Savastapol and beyond. But it was also used on foot both in battle and in one on one combat such as duelling. This system of combat on foot with the military sabre is one of the two core systems we teach at Black Boar.

Using the schools own system, the Leith School, the course explores the principals, techniques and tactics of this excellent weapon. The Leith school is founded on the work of a number of 19th century authors and Ian Macintyre, the chief instructors, own experience of 14 years of practicing sabre. Sabre is an excellent starter weapon for those new to the art of historical fencing as it is easy to pick up and is an excellent weapon for studying the principals and core techniques of all later period historical swordsmanship. Its also lots of fun!

We meet every Wednesday at 8pm near Congleton, and also hold occasional all day sessions at the weekend with guest instructors.

If you are interested in attending, contact

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